By submitting your personal data through a job application, you hereby consent to Recruit Services Pte Ltd collection, using and disclosing your personal data for purposes of job application, evaluation, research and development, administration, recruitment and statistical analysis.
We may share or disclose your personal data to our corporate clients, business partners and service providers in the course of our business for the following purposes:

By providing your personal data, you also confirm the accuracy and validity of such information. If you would like to contact us with regard to processing of your personal data or to request access to, correction of and/or to update your personal data, please email our Data Protection Officer at

We take measures to safeguard individuals' personal data against misuse. Our consultants are trained to ensure confidentiality of your personal data. Please note that while we comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, we cannot be held liable for any offences that are not committed by us directly or indirectly as a data intermediary.

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